Transportation and Parking

Transportation from Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, area ski resorts, and around South Lake Tahoe.  This posting includes parking information for LakeLand Village Resort (where we will be staying)

Transportation from Reno airport to Lakeland Village Resort at Heavenly

Reno-Tahoe International Airport shuttle details

For ticketing and shuttle schedule visit the website for the South Tahoe Airporter

We suggest booking this in advance online. The in-person check-in and ticketing counter is just beyond door “D” in the Baggage Claim area, behind the National Car Rental counter.

Get off the Airporter shuttle at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel (last stop?) (steps to Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe). It is the closest stop to the Tansit Center behind Heavenly Village (ask bus driver to be sure you are going the correct direction).

From South Lake Tahoe Transit Center to Lakeland Village

1) Free Lakeland Village shuttle – The Transit Center is where you pick up the free Lakeland Village shuttle van that brings you directly to Lakeland Village. Call the front desk of Lakeland Village to confirm there is a shuttle coming and what time you should expect it. The number for Lakeland Village front desk: 530-544-1685 (you may have the schedule, but you need to be sure it is running the day you are there at the Transit Center) Note that the shuttle van could say either “Lakeland Village” or “Heavenly” on the side. See more info below under “Lakeland Village Resort – Free Shuttle Service” 

2) You can also take bus #50 (free) which will drop you off almost in front of Lakeland Village entrance. If you want to take a bus #50, go to Google Maps and put in Lakeland Village. When you click on “bus” directions it will show you the exact route bus #50 will take you and the time to expect the next bus. You can also check the bus schedule that is posted at the Transit Center. When you get on the bus, confirm with the driver that you want to be dropped off at the entrance to Lakeland Village. (A landmark when you are approaching it about 10 minutes into the ride is a large Whole Foods store on the left side of the street – you want to be dropped off almost opposite this store)

Arrival at Lakeland Villsge, townhouse #631

Check in time on Saturday, March 5, is 4pm. Keep Merrilee posted by text with your expected arrival time at Lakeland Village (whether driving or taking public transportation). Be sure you get a confirmation of your text. This is important to ensure that someone will be at the house when you arrive to let you in. There is no need to check in at the main reception desk at the complex. Merrilee and Rick will already have done this by the time everyone arrives. Merrilee’s cell for text: 401-369-0243. On arrival at the complex the easiest way to find out house is to pass the main reception area then follow the signs to “Aspen Parking” Look for our house #631 at the far end of the parking lot.

If you are driving, find any parking spot in Aspen Parking lot and unload. Then discuss with Merrilee or Rick where to park your car (see additional info below under “Lakeland Village Resort – Parking”)

Transportation from Sacramento International Airport to Lakeland Village Resort

Note: At one of our Zoom gatherings a comment was made that sometimes the pass is closed between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe due to heavy snowfalls. This should be checked thoroughly before making the decision to travel this route.

Amtrak Thruway Connecting Services




It is about one mile between our lodgings and Heavenly Village. There are several ways to get between the two places

1) Free shuttle service provided by Lakeland Village Resort. A schedule will be provided on arrival. 

A note about the white Heavenly shuttle bus from Heavenly Transit Center to Heavenly’s California Main Lodge (a.k.a. California Lodge) the Heavenly shuttle from Heavenly Transit Center (where the gondola is) runs every few minutes during the day to California Lodge and stops at Ski Run Marina on request. Ski Run Marina is a five minute walk to Lakeland Village. So if you see this shuttle bus at the Heavenly Transit Center about to take off for California Lodge, don’t wait for the Lakeland Village shuttle which isn’t as frequent. Just take the shuttle towards the California Lodge and get off at the Ski Run Marina and walk five minutes to our townhouse. Be sure and tell the bus driver to stop at the marina.

A note about any white shuttle bus that says “Heavenly” on the side – this is an amazing shuttle service that drops people off what seems like all over town. Suggestion: take it one day to see where it goes and where people are getting off. You will find that once you are familiar with this shuttle, you can get just about anywhere you want in South Lake Tahoe free of charge!

2) Walk – lovely 20 minute walk on lighted, paved pathway

3) Public bus – Bus #50 passes by Lakeland Village Resort every few minutes all day everyday (see details below)

4) Uber



Free shuttle service between Lakeland Village and downtown South Lake Tahoe (2 miles maximum)  This does not include service to casinos just over the border (short walk from Heavenly Village) in Stateline, Nevada.

Hours of operation:  The shuttle starts at 8am daily and picks up at Lakeland Village on the hour from 8am – 11am routing between California Lodge and Lakeland Village. After 11am, the shuttle adds the gondola to its drop off points. A scheduled will be provided on arrival.

Phone number at resort front desk for questions : 530-544-1685  (call to confirm pick up if coming from Heavenly)


SOUTH SHORE TRANSIT SYSTEM (part of Tahoe Transportation District)

For route and schedule information, visit:

Public bus area is located behind Heavenly Village in the Transit Center. Bus #50 passes by Lakeland Village (10 minute ride). There isn’t a stop there, but if you ask the bus driver to stop in front, he should do it for you.

It is difficult to catch the bus going the other way (back to Heavenly) because there isn’t a bus stop across the street (it is located about a 10 minute walk from Lakeland Village near IHOP (by that time you are halfway to Heavenly).



There is a free shuttle bus from the transportation center at Heavenly Village to California Lodge on the other side of the mountain (10 minute ride). Skiers can ski from the top of Heavenly to California Lodge at the end of the day and take a shuttle bus back to Heavenly Village


Kirkwood Ski Resort & Northstar Ski Resort from Lakeland Village ResoRT

No shuttle service is being offered from Heavenly to these two ski resorts due to lack of interest. The only way we can get to these mountains is by pooling our cars.

See the following posts on this blog for more information:

1) Kirkwood Mountain Resort Day Trip

2) Northstar Mountain Resort Day Trip (unscheduled)



There is plenty of free parking provided by Lakeland Village for anyone staying at the resort, however only two cars for each of our houses will be able to park at Lakeland Village near our accommodations. Additional cars will have free “overflow” parking behind nearby Raley’s Supermarket –

Disclaimer: Any information provided in this blog is subject to change, anytime, without notice


This posting was revised on 3/4/22