Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Question: What are my options for discounts on rental equipment?

If a person has an Epic pass, then the person can present it to a rental shop offering Epic Mountain Rewards to receive 20 percent discount.

For additional information see blog posting: Ski Equipment

Question: I don’t ski. What activities will there be for me to do?

Our winter bash has been designed with both skiers and non-skiers in mind. Non-skiers are welcome and can spend their day time freely, though they are expected to join in evening meals and activities.

Browse through this blog and you will find numerous planned and unplanned activities for non-skiers. These activities range from an hour long to a full day.

Heavenly Village outdoor mall is located about one mile from Lakeland Village Resort where we will be staying. There is free shuttle service between the two places. In addition to shopping, dining, and entertainment, there is an outdoor ice skating rink and a couple of day spas. For more information on heavenly Village, see blog posting: Heavenly Village. 

For things to do at Lakeland Village Resort, see blog posting: Lakeland Village Accommodations. Then click on the link under “Amenities of the Resort.”

Question: Will there be an option to visit some hot springs in South Lake Tahoe area after a day of skiing?

The Tahoe Basin (or a short drive from Lake Tahoe) is home to a number of hot springs, each known for the nourishing, therapeutic, mineral-rich water and steamy hot relaxation. None are close enough to visit after a full day of skiing. The only hot springs we have put on our schedule, Carson Hot Springs, is in conjunction with a day trip to Carson City.

Lakeland Village Resort has a hot tub, however, its availability will depend on health regulations that are in place at the time of our visit.

There are numerous day spas in South Lake Tahoe offering a massage, facial, or sauna.

For additional information see blog posting: Hot Springs and Spas.

Question: Can I bring a non-CS friend? (I don’t want to come alone)

Everyone attending an ASCSA event must be a practicing student of Christian Science. The ASCSA mission statement reads, in part, as follows: “ASCSA events are open to all adult unmarried students of Christian Science. No smoking, drinking, or drugs will be allowed. Participants do not need to be members of The Mother Church.”

Many people will be coming alone. The purpose of our organization is to have fun with new and old friends who are students of Christian Science. Coming alone helps foster that bond.

Question: What Covid regulations will be required to be followed by participants during our event?

Due to the pandemic:

Participants may be required to wear masks and social distance within our group and with those around us.  Participants will be expected to follow any California and/or Nevada state guidelines that are in effect along these lines during our event.

Please consider your state’s interstate travel regulations while various restrictions are in place

The ASCSA Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel the event if required. For those who have registered and paid, you will be notified and your event registration fee returned.

Question: (private bed in shared room) If I sign up for a shared room, will I be guaranteed a private bed?

No. The units we are renting through Lakeland Village are leased by Lakeland Village. The private owners can change their bed configurations in their property at will. We have been guaranteed in each of our two houses that each room will have at least one queen-size bed and two beds in a loft (shared space). On arrival we may see that some of the rooms have two single beds instead of one queen.

Anyone who books a shared room will be assigned a same gender person to share the room with. They may get assigned the loft with two beds or a room with only one bed. To be prepared for the unknown in a room with one queen or king bed, one possibility is to bring an air matress. Then on arrival one of the two people can decide if they want to sleep on the air matress .

Question: Are all bathrooms shared?

All bathrooms are shared. There are no private bathrooms

Question: What are my options for discounts on lift tickets?

See blog posting: Epic Pass (Lift Tickets)

Question: (food) If I am a vegetarian, will the food provided take this under consideration?

Yes.  If you have specific diet requirements, please respond accordingly when asked this question at time of application.  Also see blog posting: All About Eating

Question: Do I need a vehicle?

If you are thinking of doing a day trip, it might be worth it to have a vehicle.

Note that driving in the Lake Tahoe area during the wintertime may require the need for a 4-wheel vehicle, snow tires, chains, or all of these.

The pooling of cars will be possible on any day trip if someone with a car wants to go. Note that the person with a car may prefer to not have others in their car due to concerns of driving safety or for other personal reasons.

Question: Will there be a full time Christian Science Practitioner available during our winter bash?

Yes. ASCSA will be hiring a CS Practitioner to pray for us during the entire time of our winter bash.  Visit the Contacts posting in this blog for contact information.

Disclaimer: Any information provided in this blog is subject to change, anytime, without notice


This posting was revised 3/4/22